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Have you ever walked into a casino, turned on The World Series of Poker, or heard your friends talking about betting the Big Numbers last time they were in Vegas, and didn't understand a thing that anyone was saying? Well you do not have to feel left out anymore. GamblingDictionary.com website is here to answer all your questions about gambling terms and what they mean.

We have compiled the most extensive list of gambling terms, sayings and wagers in an easy to use interface that will have you coming back to learn more. We are the perfect resource for learning gambling terms used in your favorite games, from Poker to Roulette and everything in between, We even have a section devoted to Gambling terms used to describe/or by cheats.

So before you watch the next WSOP or your next gambling session, be that in Vegas or around your buddies kitchen table, sit down with us at Gambling Dictionary and brush up on your Gambling Terms.

Have we missed a term? Do you have a new term being used? Well let us know, and we will be sure to update the site immediately.

Random Gambling Term

Brush or The Brush

1) A cheating technique in which the cheating player switches one of his cards for one from an accomplices hand. Usually done when pushing the other player's card aside.

2) A cheating technique in Craps that is much like the card technique except the cheater swaps out dice for a different set. Again this is accomplished while pushing the dice aside.

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